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 HeartMath Health Benefits

Everyday life brings challenges to our well-being.  This may include stress, anxiety, depleted energy and restless sleep and often results in a compromise of our nervous and hormonal system.  HeartMath's effective tools for harnessing the power of the heart's intelligence, include ways to manage reactions to stress and maintain optimal energy and resilience levels along with improving our heart rate variability.

 The Institute of HeartMath®, started in 1991 (a non-profit research and educational organization) is making inroads in the area of neuroscience, cardiology, physiology and biochemistry.  HeartMath's tools and technology are used in educational and professional organizations along with athletes who want to improve their performance and individuals who want to live a more coherent life such as getting more sleep and feeling less stress and anxious. 

The Institute of HeartMath's research shows that when the heart/brain connection is in sync the activity of the sympathetic branch of the nervous system is reduced and inner ease is increased.

HeartMath is a registered trademark of the Institute of HeartMath 

Our connection to nature brings inner ease.