Learn more how using HeartMath's simple tools/techniques can be applied in daily life with minimal time and help with overall well-being.

Adults & children, sports & olympic athletes, military, hospitals, students (TestEdge program), educational and business organizations utilize HeartMath tools.

​My clients report they experience less stress and anxiety and overall sense of well-being and happiness in their lives.


HeartMath is a registered trademark of Institute of HeartMath.  The Institute of HeartMath is a nonprofit research and education organization researching the role of emotions and the heart and our well-being.

Northern Rockies Wellness, LLC

Jan Brooks,

Certified HeartMath  Provider/Coach

​"Let the Mind Meet the Heart"

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"I was feeling overwhelmed and out of sync with family, friends and my job."  Working with Jan to integrate HeartMath tools such as Quick Coherence helped me to experience more ease in my life when faced with challenges."  Robert, Bozeman, MT 

- clarity and focus

- shift from experiencing stress 

  and anxiety to inner ease

- help with sleep, energy and                  resilience

-  healthier relationships


Reconnect with core heart values to live the life you want to live from a deeper place of integrity, authenticity and flow. What would it be like if everything was in flow?

I teach people simple tools to live a heart-centered life in everything you do.  


"I was experiencing a lot of stress and anxiety in my life due to health issues.  Using HeartMath tools helped me to feel calmer.

Sally, Boulder, CO - Paralegal

        WHAT I DO

​Certified HeartMath® Provider/Coach & Holistic Health Practitioner

Using over 25 years of research through the Institute of HeartMath, I teach scientifically validated tools to help clients shift to healthier responses to stressful thoughts and emotions using an integrative and supportive approach. The American Institute of Stress reports up to 90% of all health problems are related to stress. Learn to engage your heart to bring body, emotions and mind in balance, creating a place of joy, purpose and connection.